International Internet Gateway

Telecommunication is growing with the vast use of internet in Bangladesh. The introduction of optical fiber transmission both in submarine and terrestrial over satellite communication made it easy to spread the global connectivity throughout the major cities in Bangladesh. 1 Asia Alliance Communication Ltd. is one of the  company which has the ITC license. Thus it serves as a domestic internet upstream for all the major ISP, IIG and IGW companies in Bangladesh using its terrestrial optical transmission technology.

AACL is providing bandwidth through different submarine cables like I2I, IMEWE, TIC, TGN-EA, SMW3 and SMW4 by establishing strong partnership with TATA Communications Limited and Bharti Airtel. AACL – ITC is maintaining tertiary level redundancy in terrestrial route with disaster recovery center to provide best experience to its clients.


IP Transit allows your network traffic to connect to other network providers and to the larger internet. 1AACL will help to source IP Transit services that provide the reliability, scalability and performance that your business demands.