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#1 International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) Service Provider
We are the first International Terrestrial Cable operator who creates 1st Redundancy for Bangladesh ...
Fastest Growing International Internet Gateway operator in Bangladesh.
We are creating global reach for any Enterprise.
IP-Transit, IPLC, MPLS Service Provider in Bangladesh
Co-Location Services
1Asia Alliance is offering different types of co-location services such as if you required 1U , 2U , 3U ...
Bandwidth Service
1Asia Alliance Communication Ltd is one of the Multiple Licensed Operator Approved by BTRC. We have different ...
Voice Exchange
1Asia Alliance has extensive switching system in Singapore where you can exchange your voice with ...
Hosted Service
Besides your own Server hosting if you think that you do not need to buy expensive servers but you want to use ...
Enterprise Solutions
An enterprise is a term for a very large business network. Therefore the phrase "enterprise solutions" refers to ...
Satellite Space Segment
1Asia Alliance Communication Ltd is one of the largest Satellite Capacity Provider around the world ....
International Gateway (IGW)
1Asia Alliance Gateway Ltd is one of the Voice Career Operator apporved by BTRC for TDM/IP ...
International Internet Gateway (IIG)
1Asia Alliance Communication Ltd is one of the fastest growing operator in Bangladesh ...
International Terrestrial Cable (ITC)
The 1st International Terrestrial cable operator who creates multiple redundancy connectivity to the world...
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